Let the bot help your business



Let the bot help your business

Why does a
business need chatbot?

Routine tasks

The team often performs routine, repetitive tasks

Frequent questions

You get many questions about the same topic

Reducing costs

You are looking for a way to reduce
your customer service costs

24/7 service

You want to serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Support of multiple languages

There is a need to provide multi-channel support in different languages

Higher effectiveness

You want your marketing efforts to be more effective

SMART Chatbot functionality

Answers to typical user questions

Quick search by words and phrases


Self-configuration of the administrative part of the bot by the client

Connecting a contact center operator to a bot

Adding an unlimited number of knowledge bases

Integration with ERP, CRM, CMS

Cash transaction processing

Bot API development

Bots are gaining momentum

Statistical information from the resource. The information is current as of 2022.

Chatbots are proven to increase user satisfaction by 80% more than non-chatbot shopping experiences

Using chatbots can result in a 30% reduction in both call center referrals

Chatbots help with automation as much as 90% of customer support responses

Chatbot use cases

For company employees

The chatbot will make life easier for HR workers. Potential and current employees will
receive instant answers to common questions.
Features that can be implemented through a chatbot are as follows:


Information support of a new employee during preboarding, onboarding


Skills and KPI management, assessment procedures, employee testing

Absence requests

Absence request management and approval process


Ordering certificates from the place of work

Assistance in learning

Access to the knowledge base, assistance in the selection of training materials

Event announcements

Automatic messages about important events: news, corporate events, birthdays

Private information

Receiving pay sheets, information on work schedule, salaries and vacations


Getting feedback from your employer

For external clients

The clients of your business will receive fast, personalized chat responses.
This will significantly speed up the sales processes. Chatbots will perform the following features:

Information receipt

Providing information about the product, promotions, address and working hours of outlets, warranty service centers

Switching to an operator

Switching to communication with a human


The opportunity to read the manuals attached to the product

Purchase information

Viewing information about past purchases

Answers to questions

Answers to the most common questions about a product or service

Product registration

Registration of purchased products on the manufacturer's website


Subscription to marketing offers, Viber, Telegram and e-mailings.


Payment for the order online through payment services built into the bot

For event participants

The chatbot will be useful for both organizers and participants of an online event.
The organizers will be able to send free messages to the audience, encouraging active participation in
the event, and participants will be able to receive a range of services. The chatbot features are as follows:

Event agenda

Opportunity to view the event agenda

Invitation to watch

Inviting participants to watch webinars in different sections


Announcement of the beginning or end of a break

Access to event pages

Going to the website or social pages of the event

Webinar notifications

Setting up reminders of upcoming webinars

Draws and communication

Participation in draws and communication with the speaker or other participants in chats


Collecting participants' feedback


Communication upon event completion

We'll implement your use case!

Based on our deep expertise and successfully implemented projects in the listed industries, we can develop a chatbot in accordance with the needs of your business.
Find out about the possible timing and cost of your project

    Types of chat bots by the way they communicate with user

    A branched tree

    Works according to a given scenario, offering the interlocutor ready-made answers.

    Text recognition

    Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, it is able to recognize the text of the request and find out the purpose of the search. The bot stores the search queries of various users and, using machine learning, improves all subsequent responses.

    SMART Chatbot development process



    What are chat bots?
    Chatbots are software applications used to reduce the involvement of human operators. Chatbots can ask questions, answer questions, search for information on request, and perform certain simple tasks.
    Where can communication take place?
    Communication can take place by text or voice through various channels such as website, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber and other applications.
    What are the types of chatbots?
    There are two types of chatbots: some are based on pre-coded questions and answers, while others can be improved through the use of machine learning. The first type has a limited knowledge base: it can produce the correct result if the question is formulated in accordance with its programmed settings.

    Chatbots of the second type are self-learning and can recognize natural language. They get smarter after every user interaction. Of course, developing such bots requires a lot more effort.
    How much does a chatbot cost?
    Your investment in a chatbot will depend on various factors. When calculating the cost, the complexity of the bot, the use of artificial intelligence, the method of creating the bot, technical integrations, infrastructure, support during and after launch are taken into account. There are free bot builders like Microsoft Q&A Maker.

    The cost of a simple bot without AI starts from ???, with AI - from ???
    How long does it take to create a chatbot?
    Average order execution time is 6-10 weeks after signing the contract (TS). However, the time frame may vary depending on the requirements for the chatbot.
    Where will SMART Chatbot be hosted?
    We can offer two deployment options: in the cloud using the power of Microsoft Azure or on-premises using your private servers. A hybrid version is also possible: for example, the pages for communicating with the bot are hosted on-premises, and the knowledge base is hosted in the cloud.
    Is SMART Chatbot in Ukrainian and English only?
    The bot supports multilingual scenarios. Machine translation, human translation, as well as hybrid version, where human-translated text is used as a priority, can be used.
    Can SMART business develop a bot character?
    Yes, designers will offer you a unique look and feel for the virtual assistant, and copywriters will make sure that the bot's conversation tone matches your brand: text messages can be supplemented with images and emoticons if necessary, and chatbots working in a business environment should be focused on providing quality and accurate answers.
    Is there a limit for chatbot users?
    There is no limit on the number of users interacting with the bot.

    SMART business - your partner of the future

    SMART business provides services for the development, implementation and support of ERP, CRM and HRM systems, as well as systems based on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. For 13 years we have consulted clients and developed proprietary solutions based on Microsoft products, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power BI, as well as technologies in the field of data and machine learning. SMART business is driving the digital transformation of companies of all sizes, industries and sectors in over 60 countries around the world.


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